Here’s Ronald Rovers again.  This time the blog is about the need to think again about what Brundtland said.

It begins:

“Maybe its understandable, but in fact a kind of ‘national narcism’: Solving the climate change problem, while maintaining all modern comfort and luxury, gained over the past 150 years by depleting an plundering resources globally: to heat a whole house for 24 hours, to have two cars on the driveway, etc.  In fact, that is what has caused our problems. What we are trying now, is to continue with all this luxury but then in a so called sustainable way.  Knowing that the rest of the world, less developed, strives for the same luxury, and should be able to do this sustainable as well.  We think.

This makes thinking dull: we only can think of new toys, new technologies that connect and combine everything , and improve our lives still further , as well as sustainable performance.  Sustainable in the sense that climate change is tackled, and we can live happy forever.  So far, more technology has led only to more energy and resources use.  But this also can be solved by more technology.  We think.  Innovating until death follows. …”

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