logoYou may well have come across Act now for EE.  This is an initiative of the Global Environmental Education Partnership [GEEP **] which NAEE involved in.
At the heart of Act Now … is a draft call for action with an invitation to help shape a global action plan for environmental education by providing feedback on the draft call Perhaps all those with an interest in environmental education ought, as individuals, to provide feedback.  And doing so, is a good way of exploring the arguments.
Taking part involves selecting the three most important of the following actions:
  1. Champion Environmental Education
  2. Build a Bigger and More Inclusive Field
  3. Create and Empower Global Citizens
  4. Grow Global EE Leadership
  5. Invest in Research and Evaluation to Improve Practice
  6. Connect and Collaborate for Change
  7. Expand Environmental Education’s Role in Achieving Conservation Success
  8. Provide Universal Access to Environmental Education and Nature
  9. Strengthen Environmental Education’s Role in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals
  10. Develop a Global Fund for Environmental Education
 … and then identifying the most important of the three.  You can also identify an 11th action that you think is missing from the list.
** GEEP is a formal partnership between the Environmental Protection Administration of Taiwan, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and the North American Association for Environmental Education.  The core mission of GEEP is to create a vibrant learning network designed to strengthen environmental education locally, regionally and globally.  To accomplish this mission, GEEP is striving to:
  • build capacity to advance policy, governance, and practice in environmental education around the world, including at the local, regional, national and international levels
  • foster strategic partnerships to create a vibrant “network for networks” resulting in a stronger global environmental education community
  • promote and encourage innovation in environmental education on a global scale.

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