The richness of the NAAEE conference programme has to be seen to be appreciated. Here’s the programme for Thursday October 15th to give you a taster.

Please note that although all these are URL links, they are not live and provide no further information beyond the title.

Build Capacity For Programming In Your Community with EPA’s EnviroAtlas

Collaborating for Success: Integrating Ocean Experiential Learning into Teacher Education

Creating a Community-Based EE Coalition Using the NAAEE Guidelines

EE 30 Under 30 Changemaker Grants: Showcasing Adaptive Leadership

Get to Know Projects WET, WILD, and Learning Tree!

Pollinators for Schools, Local Governments, and Universities

Reopening Outside: Early Childhood Programs Taking Learning Outdoors

The Art of Planning and Facilitating Educational Field Excursions

Building GreenFutures: Climate Change Resiliency and Literacy from Classroom to Community

Evaluation Clinic

Growing Future Forest and Conservation Leaders with Green Jobs

Helping State Education Agencies See the Green

Inviting Indigenous Youth into Green Career Pathways

Nature is Lit! Engaging Youth Through Cultural Relevance

No Child Left Indoors: Digital Tool for Youth Nature Education

BMPs on School Grounds for Watershed Health and Learning

EE in the Time of COVID-19

Incorporating Humanities into Science and Technology Interpretation at the National Park Service

Incorporating Yoga and Mindfulness in EE Programs for All Ages

Preservice Educator Certification Programs Stimulate a Love of Nature

Rethink Outside: Controlling Your Narrative Now and Post-Pandemic

Where are the Early Childhood Environmental Education Teacher Competencies

Civics Bookclub: An Interactive Review

Inclusion: Stepping Stones and Stumbling Blocks for Progress

Making Environmental Education Gender Inclusive

NAAEE Fundraising Coaching

Service Learning in Undergraduate Environmental Justice: Inspiring Change Through Authentic Partnerships

Shaping Our “Obligation”—The Case of Local Governments

The Best of What Is: Appreciative Inquiry and Asset Mapping 101

A Conversation with Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson: Ocean Conservation, Climate Justice, and Education

Educating for Action: How Do We Help Children Lessen Impact?

Environmental Educators As Advocates: If Not Us, Then Who?

Half-Earth Hummingbirds: A Guided Conservation Inquiry

Increasing Advocacy and Empathy with Children in Nature

Increasing EE Capacity Through AmeriCorps

Measuring the Environmental Impact of a Statewide Green Schools Program

Outdoor School for All! Oregon’s Legislative Promise, Program, and Outcomes

STEM and Sustainability: Cultivating Student Innovation and Environmental Stewardship

The Beauty of Biodiversity Break

Building Collaborative Regional Capacity Through Mapping and Shared Resources

Environmental Education Program Decision-Making with an Equity Lens

Nature-Based Visitor Learning for Behaviour Change: A Flipped Presentation

Saguaros, Sunsets, and Snapshots: Photography and Environmental Education in Tucson

Solarize Your STEM Classroom

Teaching with Tunes: Reaching Your Audience Through Music

Using Wonder to Facilitate Nature Engagements: A Research-Grounded Pedagogical Approach

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