Here are some of the papers being presented at the September TEESNet conference.  We notice that a focus on the SDGs is outweighing that on ESD which is to be expected and a welcome sign.  A focus on GC/GL persists, however, with little discernible interest in EE even though the Goals do require a focus on environmental sustainability:

  • Decolonising the places, spaces and boundaries of Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education: a critical analysis of SDG 4.
  • Exploration of Send My Friend to School as a practical case study of  SDG4.7 in action & what lessons can be learned.
  • Developing meaningful ESDGC experiences for early years education and care students
  • Early Childhood Education for Sustainability as a scaffold for transformative learning in higher education
  • Global Skills for Global Teachers
  • Bringing the outdoors inside education
  • SDGs in secondary education in the West Midlands
  • The Empathy Pedagogical approach contribution to GCE: Kazakhstani Secondary Schools context
  • Achieving SDG4.7: Sikkim and beyond…lessons from a small Himalayan state
  • Participatory pedagogy in practice: Using effective participatory pedagogy in classroom practice to enhance pupil voice and educational engagement
  • Moving beyond the printed word of policy to practice: an exploration into the conditions in which learning for sustainability might flourish in Initial Teacher Education.
  • A common good curriculum for change… walking the talk, lighting pathways towards better outcomes
  • A Bridge to the Future: Making sense of the SDGs
  • Sustainable Development Goal 4.7 and the Global Learning Programme in Northern Ireland
  • Educating the Heart: A curriculum based and holistic approach for cultivating Compassionate Global Citizenship
  • International approaches to the refugee crisis – a comparative study
  • A Duty to Resist: Implementing Earth Education in English Primary Schools
  • Home is Where the Heart is
  • Being-with Woodlands: heartfelt wisdom for ESD
  • Artefacts, Attitudes and Agency: the Sustainable Development Goals as a focus for participatory and creative teaching, learning and assessment practice in higher education.
  • Global Learning in Primary Science Education
  • Global education: where international migration and sustainable development meet
  • Educating Global Britain:  perils and possibilities promoting ‘national’ values through critical global citizenship education


For more information on the conference, click here and to find out more about TEESNet click here.

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