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Mothering nature

By | January 9th, 2016|Webwatch|

Mothering Nature – the shape of things to come is the title of an article by MIT's Neri Oxman in The World in 2016. It begins: Imagine that you could actually grow the future. By bringing together design and technology, we can, in effect, edit biology—and create physical objects that point to the shape of [...]

To make things better, just make better things

By | January 8th, 2016|Blog|

Here is the latest newsletter from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation with stories about: German worms devouring food waste smart hybrid electric buildings in the USA LED LiFi technology – and more Although what the Foundation does is not directly related to environmental education, we think that what it does relates to how we might come [...]

Latest from the FEN

By | January 8th, 2016|Webwatch|

You can read the latest Forest Education Network [FEN] update here. FEN began in 2012, and seeks to engage young people by supporting education in forest and woodland settings.  It also promotes networking and sharing practice, and facilitates communication between sectors and practitioners. FEN is hosted by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom (CLOtC).

A new approach to cleaning the oceans

By | January 7th, 2016|Webwatch|

Garbage in, garbage out – a big test for an innovative approach to remove plastic trash from the ocean is a feature article by Alun Anderson in The World in 2016.   In 2016 the Ocean Cleanup project is planning to build a 2km floating boom off the island of Tsushima in Japan.  If it can remove floating [...]

Energy in the USA

By | January 6th, 2016|Blog|

The USA has signed up to the Paris Agreement, but doing what it has pledged will be hard work – as it will be in the UK. For anyone teaching about all this, the Washington Post has produced some great graphics which you will find here.  These show how each State generated its electricity in [...]

USA energy education summit report

By | January 6th, 2016|Webwatch|

The US Council of Energy Research and Education Leaders (CEREL) (part of the National Council for Science and the Environment NCSE), has released the report from the first National Energy Education Summit. The report  is available here, and presents a vision for energy education in the USA that encompasses the energy literacy of citizens and [...]

Telling our Owls apart

By | January 5th, 2016|Webwatch|

Here's a handy guide from the BBC on distinguishing between UK owls.  It is written by Laurence Whitaker a Springwatch researcher. The clue, it seems, is in the wingtips. You can find other posts by Laurence here.

More wildlife or tests?

By | January 4th, 2016|Blog|

Which do our 7 year-olds need most, asks Ben Fogle in a recent Guardian article. He begins: Government plans to introduce national tests for seven-year-olds shows just how far our exam obsession has come. Our kids now face constant assessment as politicians attempt to measure the success of schools. Children have become tiny cogs in a box-ticking [...]

Biodiversity 2020

By | January 4th, 2016|Webwatch|

Here's a film about Biodiversity from Natural England. It's about Biodiversity 2020, describing the government's strategy for wildlife: habitats and species.  The film is narrated by Tom Butterworth and is filmed out on location, in Wye National Nature Reserve in Kent.

Britain’s Habitats – A guide

By | January 2nd, 2016|Book Review|

This 276 page hardback isn’t something you’d be throwing in your rucksack before setting out into the great unknown.  However, leafing through its pages of beautiful photos and useful diagrams would mean that a few pages captured in a photo or photocopy to take with you as a visual aid would be well worth the [...]