November 5 – News Round up

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The new Connecting Classrooms for Global Learning programme has now been launched.  Details of what's on offer are here.   The website says: "The new Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning programme supports schools internationally to learn about and collaborate [...]

October 29 – News Round up

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What do you make of the research report from King's College: the Understanding Environmental Education in Secondary Schools. Where is it, what is it and what should the future be?  It's available here.  NAEE's chair of [...]

October 22 – News Round up

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A reminder about the pledge being promoted by GEEP: the Global Environmental Education Partnership – with the purpose of reinvigorating environmental education in the light of current sustainability challenges.  As such, we – the global environmental education community – [...]

October 15 – News Round up

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A two-part report exploring the state of environmental education in secondary schools in England has been published.   The project was: Understanding Environmental Education in Secondary Schools. Where is it, what is it and what [...]

October 8 – News Round up

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We covered Chris Packham's manifesto last week.  If you have read it, you'll already know the prominence it gives to education and school-relied activities more widely, and sets out 8 proposals.  Here they are: Rewrite Section 78 [...]

October 1 – News Round up

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NAEE is to receive a Green Apple Award (2018) for environmental best practice.   Our submission for the award will be included in The Green Book, an international work of reference. The Green Apple Awards began in 1994 [...]

September 24 – News Round up

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NUS has published the 8th year of its Sustainability Skills research, which includes perspectives on sustainability in education from students studying in the UK in both higher and further education.  As before, demand for action remains high [...]

September 17 – News Round up

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NAAEE says "Imagine if we treated educators and scientists like the superstars that they are.  Imagine if everyone believed that they had the power to effect change, even in the smallest of ways". To facilitate this, they launched a new [...]

September 10 – News Round up

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As we noted last week, although the ENSI secretariat has now closed, its website archive is still available.  Syd Smith, former ENSI representative from Australia writes that a considerable legacy is left in place ... What made ENSI [...]