November 18th 2019

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NAEE is now, along with a growing number of others, is a formal supporter of Teach the Future.  ∫∫∫   The UKSCN has a page of helpful advice for students planning action on November 29th.  It says: [...]

November 11th 2019

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NAEE is collaborating with COBIS, the Council of British International Schools, on an Eco Film Award.  This is a film-making competition that aims to develop COBIS students’ environmental awareness and empower them to take action. Students have been invited to produce a [...]

November 4th 2019

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Last week we mentioned the Climate Change Teacher training Academy which is delivered by Harwood Education and UNITAR.  Its mission is to ensure that there will be a climate change teacher, in every school throughout the world, starting [...]

October 28th 2019

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Click here to listen to recent a Women's Hour podcast on how to talk to young people about climate change.  At the heart of this is a contribution from Fiona Cowan, the headteacher of Bolsover Infants [...]

October 21st 2019

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The programme for the Education for the Future: Climate Emergency Conference where Teach the Future was launched 10 days ago is here. Highlights included: What would a sustainable curriculum look like? – Richard Dunne, The Harmony Project Students reforming the curriculum [...]

October 14th 2019

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Last Saturday saw the launch of Teach the Future.  This is a youth-led campaign to reorient the English education system around the climate emergency and ecological crisis and is a partnership between UKSCN and SOS-UK. TtF says that it is [...]

October 7th 2019

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NAEE is pleased to announce that we shall be working with COBIS supporting its new Eco-Award for its schools.  COBIS is a membership association of British International Schools.   COBIS supports its 500+ members and represent their [...]

September 30th 2019

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NAEE is looking forward to contributing to the work of Our Shared World – a consortium of organisations whose overarching goal is that "by 2030, the UK education community ensures every learner receives an education that equips them to contribute to [...]

September 23rd 2019

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In early October a new campaign – "Teach the Future” – will be launched by SOS-UK, UKSCN and XR-educators.   The plan is to bring pressure to bear on the new government that will emerge from the [...]