The UN’s World Tourism Organisation

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The UN's World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) has a 10YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme (STP) to bring together existing initiatives and partnerships and facilitate new projects and activities.  Its purpose is to accelerate the shift to sustainable consumption and [...]

Sustainable Global Environmental Education websites

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Thanks to Chris Southwood (Learning 2B Sustainable) for a long list of sustainable / global / environmental education organisations. Is your organisation on the list?  If not, you can contact Chris here.

How does UNESCO spend its money?

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Are you curious how UNESCO allocates its funding and the impact of its programmes?  You can see the detail through a new publicly accessible transparency portal giving information about UNESCO’s activities across sectors, countries, and regions, including [...]

Game Changers Under 25

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Click here to see the "Game Changers Under 25: What Can We Learn?" video from the NAAEE conference in San Diego (2015).  The Youth Panel was: Ta'Kaiya Blaney, Vincent Culliver, David Ricardo Flores Gonzales, Charles Orgbon [...]

Australian and National Geographics

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Here's a link to the latest from Australian Geographic.  There are features on cyclone Debbie, killer possums and jellyfish brains – and space junk. And this is a link to the National Geographic where are [...]

Outdoor Families

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The latest from Outdoor families can be seen here. There are features on: Camping 101: Utilize storage bins for car camping success Hiking Snack Attack: 7 Kid-Approved Trail Snack Ideas Forest Schools: Education in the [...]

A month’s worth of global learning resources

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The Global Learning Programme's resources page has a month's worth of resources. Here are the links: Days 1–10: Development and the SDGs (GLP) More or less equal? (GLP) Dollar Street (Gapminder) Poverty (GLP) Poverty and Human Rights [...]

Global Educator of the Year Award 2017

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Nominations are now open for the Global Educator of the Year Award 2017. Think Global says that, if you know of any educators delivering great global learning around the Sustainable Development Goals, do consider nominating them for [...]

Big Dig Food Growing Event at Martineau Gardens   

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Gardeners and would-be gardeners are being invited to kick-start their gardening year with fun green-fingered gardening activities at the Big Dig Food Growing Event (on national Big Dig Day), at Martineau Gardens on Saturday 22 April, from 2pm [...]