The British Science Association gets a new look

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The British Science Association website has a new look.  The BSA, well known for its CREST awards.  You can read about a recent celebration of school awards at Buckingham Palace.  On Tuesday 27 June, students [...]

Monday Round up – July 10th

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1. Tony Juniper,  environmentalist, President of the Wildlife Trusts, author, advisor to business and governments, Fellow of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) was awarded a CBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to conservation.  Tony's latest book, [...]

The Global Footprint Network

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The Global Footprint Network has launched a city pledge to #movethedate of Earth Overshoot Day.  The city pledge is the fourth to be  unveiled for Earth Overshoot Day.  This marks the date we will have used more [...]

The fate of Voyagers 1 and 2

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The latest feature from the Science Geek looks at the exploration of the solar system and what we have learned.  It begins: Nearly 40 years ago, on 20 August 1977, the Voyager 2 space probe [...]

The Nature Connection Index

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Natural England has published the latest Nature Connection Index (NCI) report as well as the most recent Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment (MENE) report on visit frequency and environmental attitudes.  You can read these here: Monitor [...]

Weekend viewing – NAEE’s website

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We were pleased to see that Environmental Education Research, the leading academic journal in our field, featured the NAEE website as weekend viewing last week.  This is how they introduced us: The United Kingdom’s National [...]

Monday Round up – July 3rd

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1. The Business Connect website has a feature by John Hawthorne on 50 Heartbreaking Facts and Stats About The Global Water Crisis.  It sets out a range of information (with sources) about the inequitable access to potable [...]

Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership

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Here's an update from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership. The Natural Capital Impact Group launched a new metric to help corporates improve their impact on the natural environment.  The network of global companies, including [...]

The state of the oceans

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A recent Economist has a special feature on the Earth's oceans.  It begins, EARTH is poorly named. The ocean covers almost three-quarters of the planet. It is divided into five basins: the Pacific, the Atlantic, the [...]