October 7th 2019

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NAEE is pleased to announce that we shall be working with COBIS supporting its new Eco-Award for its schools.  COBIS is a membership association of British International Schools.   COBIS supports its 500+ members and represent their [...]

September 30th 2019

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NAEE is looking forward to contributing to the work of Our Shared World – a consortium of organisations whose overarching goal is that "by 2030, the UK education community ensures every learner receives an education that equips them to contribute to [...]

September 23rd 2019

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In early October a new campaign – "Teach the Future” – will be launched by SOS-UK, UKSCN and XR-educators.   The plan is to bring pressure to bear on the new government that will emerge from the [...]

September 16th 2019

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We had an email from UKSCN last week.  This is what it said: The climate crisis is the number one challenge facing us all — it’s down to us to make the government realise that [...]

September 9th 2019

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Over the Summer, activists tried to persuade the DfE to require teacher educators in universities and elsewhere to cover climate and ecological issues.  This was the response: "... there are no plans to amend the Teachers’ Standards. [...]

September 2nd 2019

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NAAEE has announced its latest group of environmental education leaders who are under 30 years old.  NAAEE says: These inspirational leaders are using environmental education to address environmental and social issues in communities around the world. This [...]

August 26th Report

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GEEP – the Global Environmental Education Partnership – asks if you have any recently published resources, innovative programmes, forthcoming opportunities, or other updates you want to share with the GEEP network?  The next issue of GEEP News is coming [...]

August 19th Report

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Our colleagues at NAAEE are offering the following resources for students and educators: Nature and Nurture: Understanding the Psychology of Pro-Environmental Behavior Do younger generations care more about global warming? International Journal of Early Childhood Environmental Education [...]

August 12th Report

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We're pleased to welcome Henry Greenwood as our latest NAEE Fellow. Henry is founder and managing director of Green Schools Project, a social enterprise he set up in 2015.  He is also a Maths teacher who, [...]