Garden birds in April

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The BBC's Discover Wildlife has a feature on a range of the birds found in urban gardens: Garden birds in April: Dawn chorus. Here's an extract: The dawn chorus is one of those natural phenomena that [...]

European Sustainable Development Week

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It will soon be European Sustainable Development Week: 30 May - 5 June More detail here.  ESDW is a European-wide initiative to stimulate and make visible activities, projects and events that promote sustainable development and [...]

Act now to go to the NAAEE 2017 annual conference

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2017 Conference & Research Symposium Opportunities—Act Now! Call for Presentations due by April 10 Volunteer proposal reviewers needed by April 10 Scholarship applications accepted until June 16 Visit naaee.org/conference for details.   NAAEE says please share this announcement with [...]

Too much meat?

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Treehugger has an article on a report from the Stockholm Resilience Centre on meat eating.  It begins: The director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre says it's a huge problem that meat is so "culturally embedded in [...]

Supporting Geography In Schools

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The Royal Geographical Society supports the teaching and learning of geography in schools.  Drawing upon expertise in higher education, the Society offers a range of events, resources and activities aimed at teachers and pupils. It [...]

Philosophy for Children Level 1

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There's a two-day Philosophy for Children course that includes: The principles of philosophical enquiry; The 10-stage Philosophy for Children (P4C) process; Experiencing and reflecting on the enquiry process; Tools, techniques and stimuli to bring P4C [...]

Smart videos for curious minds

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The kids should see this website has a large range of videos aimed at young people.  The topics include: SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY SPACE ANIMALS NATURE FOOD DIY MUSIC ART

Permaculture News

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Click here to read the latest from the Permaculture Association. There are features on: The people's food policy Bringing about positive change UK river catchment GIS maps (online) Permaculture in business management (journal) Permaculture-based wetland [...]

Learning Away’s online pledge

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Learning Away has launched an online pledge scheme that calls on schools, teachers, parents, students, residential providers, initital teacher educators, youth groups and all those working with young people, to pledge to work together to provide more and [...]