April 1st report

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LEEF will be editing a special edition of NAEE's journal Environmental Education later this year.  It will have a focus on urban environmental education, celebrating 30 years of LEEF and showcasing the best projects and thinking across the network.  LEEF soon be inviting contributions for abstracts. . A report from the Committee on Climate Change calls UK homes unfit for [...]

March 25th report

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LEEF has announce the launch of an exploratory workshop series: Shaking it up! EE revolution in our schools.  The workshops are co-ordinated by Poppy Flint and members of the Environmental Education Research Group at King's College London [KCL] and are inspired by the two reports published by KCL last year on Understanding Environmental Education in Secondary Schools in England. [...]

March 18th report

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Students on Climate Strike.  The following letter appeared in The Times last Friday.  One of the very many signatories was NAEE trustee, Morgan Phillips: Sir, Children and young people taking part in the school strikes for climate are to be commended, not ridiculed.  The UN intergovernmental panel on climate change has said that we need to take [...]

March 11th report

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The latest NAEE journal [Vol 120] was published last week.  It has a focus on the sustainable development goals and you can see the contents here.  The article that explores the embedding of the goals in the curriculum is available on line.  This is by Joyce Hallam the geography consultant and a voluntary support worker and advisory group member of the [...]

March 4th 2019

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Here's a BBC article on carbon capture and storage, written after the announcement that the Drax power station is to experiment with one possible way forward – the possibility of being carbon negative is the prize on offer.   The Journal of Education in Science, Environment and Health (JESEH) is publishing a special issue with a focus [...]

February 25th 2019

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Did you see any of the young people's climate demonstrations on the 15th of February?   And do you know anyone who went on strike to protest about the lack of attention to climate by government?  No doubt you will have views on the rights and wrongs of this sort of action.  Here's what our [...]

February 18th 2019

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Darwin Day occurred last week (February 12th) and we wonder how many schools took the time to mention this and celebrate it with their students.  Did yours?  The day is used to highlight Darwin's contribution to science (and our understanding of life) and to promote science in general. At a time when so many across [...]

February 11th 2019

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The latest NAEE journal is being mailed out to members this month.  It's a special feature on how the sustainable development goals are being explored in schools and NGOs.  We would have liked to have used the new potato starch-based polymer as the cover to send them out but the 75,000 minimum posting was a little above our usual [...]

February 4th 2019

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The Freshwater Habitats Trust says it wants to hear from us about the frog and toad spawn that we spot in garden, community and country ponds.   The details of this year's spawn survey are here and the survey runs until the end of May.  Meanwhile, you can take a look at the 2018 records on the interactive map created by Merseyside Biobank. . BBC Radio [...]

January 28th 2019

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The Environmental News Network reports that global carbon emissions reached a record high in 2018.   ENN says that a Columbia Engineering study, published in Nature, confirms the urgency to tackle climate change. It says: While it’s known that extreme weather events can affect the year-to-year variability in carbon uptake, and some researchers have suggested that there may be longer-term effects, [...]