November 14 – Newsflash – a Green Apple award for NAEE

By | November 13th, 2018|Webwatch|

On Monday 12thNovember, at the 2018 International Green Apple awards for Environmental Best Practice held at the Houses of Parliament, the National Association for Environmental Education (NAEE) received a Gold award for its work in the education category.  In particular this was in recognition of its project which provides bursaries to schools in Birmingham and [...]

November 12 – News round up

By | November 12th, 2018|Webwatch|

NAEE has published its 2017/18 Annual Review. This is an account of key developments in the year, but it also contains a number of contributions that reflect on the context in which our work is carried out.  These are from young conservationists Louis Driver and Finlay Wilde, from NAEE Fellow, Ben Ballin, and from Ian Humphreys, CEO [...]

November 5 – News Round up

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The new Connecting Classrooms for Global Learning programme has now been launched.  Details of what's on offer are here.   The website says: "The new Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning programme supports schools internationally to learn about and collaborate on the big issues that shape our world.  Connecting Classrooms is a flexible journey for schools around the world of [...]

October 29 – News Round up

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What do you make of the research report from King's College: the Understanding Environmental Education in Secondary Schools. Where is it, what is it and what should the future be?  It's available here.  NAEE's chair of trustees, has been blogging about the report, and you can read the first posts here.  Bill is writing in a [...]

October 22 – News Round up

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A reminder about the pledge being promoted by GEEP: the Global Environmental Education Partnership – with the purpose of reinvigorating environmental education in the light of current sustainability challenges.  As such, we – the global environmental education community – are asked to ACT NOW FOR EE and work toward three visionary goals: Every nation has an environmentally informed, empowered, and [...]

October 15 – News Round up

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A two-part report exploring the state of environmental education in secondary schools in England has been published.   The project was: Understanding Environmental Education in Secondary Schools. Where is it, what is it and what should the future be?  Report 1: Policy Perspectives Summary: The provision of environmental education in formal schooling is weakly supported by national policies. [...]

October 8 – News Round up

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We covered Chris Packham's manifesto last week.  If you have read it, you'll already know the prominence it gives to education and school-relied activities more widely, and sets out 8 proposals.  Here they are: Rewrite Section 78 of The Education Act to place nature at the centre of the state curriculum from nursery to secondary school Outdoor [...]

October 1 – News Round up

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NAEE is to receive a Green Apple Award (2018) for environmental best practice.   Our submission for the award will be included in The Green Book, an international work of reference. The Green Apple Awards began in 1994 and provide recognition for environmental endeavour among companies, councils, communities and countries.  The awards are organised by The Green Organisation – [...]

September 24 – News Round up

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NUS has published the 8th year of its Sustainability Skills research, which includes perspectives on sustainability in education from students studying in the UK in both higher and further education.  As before, demand for action remains high with around of students 80% saying they want to see action from their institutions.  The proportion of students who say [...]

September 17 – News Round up

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NAAEE says "Imagine if we treated educators and scientists like the superstars that they are.  Imagine if everyone believed that they had the power to effect change, even in the smallest of ways". To facilitate this, they launched a new podcast about climate resiliency and education on September 12th.  You can listen to the promo here.  With support from National Geographic, [...]