July 22nd Report

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Six Primary Schools in Western Uganda which are seeking partnerships with schools in the UK.  All of these schools are in a mountainous area, close to one of the National Parks where mountain gorillas can be found.  They all have a strong commitment to the environment, and would like that shared commitment to be a [...]

July 15th Report

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There's an ASE sustainability teachmeet on Wednesday [ July 17th 1600 to 1830 ] at the The University of Nottingham, Sutton Bonington Campus LE12 5RD   You can go and present a short item, or just come to listen, start a discussion and take away new ideas.  You don't have to be an expert - we just want to hear [...]

July 8th Report

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In 2016, Norway's Parliament decided to revise all subject curricula and this was enacted in 2018.  This involved Primary, Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary Education (both general and vocational strands).  One aim was to reduce the content of the curricula, to better allow for pupils' in-depth learning and understanding.  Existing subjects are kept, but the content will be changed. Priority is [...]

July 1st Report

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The first London Climate Action Week will take place from today to July 8th.  Climate Action is launching a Climate Innovation Forum at Hilton Tower Hill on July 3rd.  This will bring together 350 leading policymakers, investors, business and sustainability leaders, cleantech start-ups, think-tanks and NGO’s from the UK and across Europe, creating insight, sharing failures and successes, facilitating partnerships, [...]

June 24th Report

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Children from the Robert Ferguson primary school in Carlisle have produced a video explaining climate change and challenging adults to do more about it.  You can see it here on YouTube. . A recent report in Nature Geoscience shows that most water cycle diagrams used in schools are completely out of date.  In an analysis of over 450 [...]

June 17th Report

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NAEE, the Savers charity, and Heart of England Rotary invite you to the launch of the Cut Down on Plastics exhibition of children’s work at Holy Trinity Church, Broadgate, Coventry on Friday 28th June at 1030.  Councillor Linda Bigham, the Lord Mayor of Coventry, will launch the exhibition.  RSVP to gabrielle@back.f9.co.uk . The Great Science Share for Schools allows children to communicate something that [...]

June 10th Report

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"From the freedom to explore comes the joy of learning.  From knowledge acquired by personal initiative arises the desire for more knowledge.  And from the mastery of the novel and beautiful world awaiting every child comes self-confidence." This quote by E.O. Wilson headed a recent message to NAAEE members and supporters from NAAEE CEO (and NAEE [...]

June 3rd Report

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The Education in England (the history of our schools) website contains HMI publications including the (1979) second edition of its Curriculum 11-16 Working Papers which deals with environmental education.  This was a time when HMI took it seriously, unlike Ofsted today.  But then, HMI thought seriously about curriculum, as did a lot of other groups – unlike today [...]

May 27th Report

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The UK Student Climate Network [UKSCN] has issued an open letter to government and educational institutions.  It's a radical read.  The students' broad demands are that … 1 – the Government declare a climate emergency and implement a Green New Deal to achieve Climate Justice. 2 – the national curriculum is reformed to address the ecological [...]

May 20th Report

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The four Oxford Cheney school students, whose on-line petition calls for climate change to be made a core part of the national curriculum and for sustainability to be made a serious concern within the education system are asking for: The ecological and climate crisis to be made an educational priority Well founded, evidence based training for teachers so [...]