May 25th 2020

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Here's an update from across the Atlantic from NAAEE.  This includes: Let's Keep Learning from Each Other: Help GEEP Reach 100 Country Profiles!  GEEP is aiming high! Join our campaign to have 100 country profiles on our website by World Environment Day on June 5. We'll feature new profiles on social media; share your story now! [...]

May 18th 2020

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NAEE has published its obituary on Vice-President Anne Kenrick whose personal vision and benevolence gave rise to the Association's Hugh Kenrick Bursary Scheme.  This is her abiding legacy.  Written by Executive Director Nina Hatch, the obituary charts the development of Anne's interests in the natural world and environmental education, and her links with NAEE.  ∫∫∫ . CJS, the Countryside [...]

May 11th 2020

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Anglia Ruskin University is running free webinars for teachers, teaching assistants and educators.  The overall theme is Changing the World One Lesson at a Time: Environmental and Sustainability Education, and each has been developed with a specific focus and will comprise three short presentations followed by the opportunity for Q&A and discussion as follows: Webinar 1: Outdoor Education   Thursday [...]

May 4th 2020

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Every half-term members of the Burnet News Club explore a different issue in the news.  Teachers receive a fully-resourced 6-hour scheme of work on each issue, including inspiring multimedia news content and engaging activities which can be used across the curriculum.  Each issue addresses important social and political questions, and presents different perspectives and ideas to [...]

April 27th 2020

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The deadline for features in the latest CJS Focus on Environmental Education & Outdoor Activities is May 1st.   You can secure free space in this CJS publication in association with the Countryside Education Trust.  Its readership, estimated at 100,000, is involved in countryside, environmental & wildlife conservation across the UK; many work in environmental education [...]

April 20th 2020

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Wednesday 22nd Update Happy Earth day 🌏 . Tuesday 21st Update c/o Jess Tipton: Today pm Climate of Emotions conference Wed to Sun Earth Optimism Summit Mon 27th after school Eco-Anxiety in Young People teacher training online eco-resources and events digest . The Economist Education Foundation (which is an independent educational charity) has a video introduction to the climate protests [...]

April 13th 2020

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We begin with some good news amid the virus gloom.  The results from the 2019 Butterfly Conservation UK butterfly monitoring scheme show that butterflies bounced back last summer with their best year since 1997.  Further, just over half of UK butterfly species showed higher population levels in 2019 compared with 2018. click here for the full results.   Butterfly Conservation also has [...]

April 6th 2020

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"When things get back to normal, we'll ...".  How many times have you heard that recently?  It's a fervent wish of countless millions of people, and yet, what will it look like?  Will every closed small business re-open?  Will every job still exist?  Will all charities survive the virus?  The financial health of the charity sector (which contains [...]

March 30th 2020

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A week on and the country is in many ways barely recognisable as the changes to our lives because of COVID-19 take effect.  Schools are mostly shut, but are supporting students learning at home, and universities are teaching on-line. Teach the Future has suspended its campaign, acknowledging that now is not the time to be trying [...]

March 23rd 2020

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Deep into March, there seems little room in the press or on TV to think of anything other than the effects of COVID-19, and we wish all our readers and their families and colleagues well in the coming weeks (and probably months).  Although NAEE is a very small part of the complexity of the UK economy, [...]