February 17th 2020

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NAEE has written to the Prime Minister to support the case being made by students for changes to school policy and practice.  This begins: "Dear Prime Minister, We are writing in support of the letter recently sent to you by Zamzam Ibrahim, President of the NUS and SOS_UK, in which she called for your personal [...]

February 10th 2020

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The latest Beehive newsletter from the Manchester Environmental Education Network MEEN is here.  It includes stories of pupils becoming community educators, details of awards won, and information about opportunities and events to help schools in Greater Manchester become more eco-friendly. There's also detail about the next MEEN Green Teach Meet where you are invited to share your practice and learn a [...]

February 3rd 2020

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We were pleased to see that spending time in nature was in the list that the Duke of Edinburgh Award put forward as its definitive list of character hacks for teenagers today – 25 experiences every young person should have the chance to try.  This is based on ideas "vital for building character" put forward [...]

January 27th 2020

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Zamzam Ibrahim, the President of SOS_UK and the NUS has written to the Prime Minister reminding him that, thirty years ago, Margaret Thatcher called for urgent action on the greenhouse effect at the UN General Assembly.  The letter asks for his personal help in ensuring that the education system is a central pillar of the Government’s strategy on [...]

January 20th 2020

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The New Zealand Government has announced new resourcing for teaching climate change in schools.  Education Minister Chris Hipkins said that students will be taught "the role science plays in understanding climate change, aids understanding of both the response to it and its impacts – globally, nationally and locally – and explores opportunities to contribute to reducing [...]

January 13th 2020

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The NAEE blog this week (published on Tuesday 14th) is a comment on an HMI document on curriculum and environmental education.  Here's a taster: "What is perhaps most important is to convey the realisation that environmental systems are complex and environmental problems not easily resolved.  This cannot readily be done solely through the medium of individual subjects [...]

January 6th 2020

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Happy New Year from everyone at NAEE. UKSCN sent out a New Year reflection to its supporters that looked back at 2019 and forward to 2020.  Inspired by Greta Thunberg and the international Fridays For Future movement, the Network coordinated the first strike on 15th February 2019.  Tens of thousands of students walked out of school to protest about [...]

December 16th 2019

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David Bellamy, who was NAEE President for many years, died last Wednesday.  He was a good fit with NAEE because of his interest in promoting environmental issues and educating (in the broadest sense) people about them, including through television (particularly ITV beginning in the late 1970s).  He was ahead of his time in this given that [...]

December 9th 2019

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NAEE's latest journal is now on the members' page of the website.  Vol 122 was published in conjunction with the London Environmental Educators’ Forum [ LEEF ] with a focus on urban environmental & sustainability education.  In addition to the usual features, its contents included: Urban environmental & sustainability education as a space for social connections [...]

December 2nd 2019

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Teach the Future has done an analysis of the election manifestos published so far.  Although there are few surprises, it would be an interesting exercise for older students to compare TTF's analysis with their own readings of the huge number of promises being made.  ∫∫∫ . Meanwhile the European Parliament has declared a climate emergency and called [...]