Bambi: a Menace to the British Countryside

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Today’s guest blog is by Geoffrey Guy who lectures at Reaseheath College.  Geoff is the Director of Education for Bushcraft Education Ltd, and the founder of the Bushcraft Education blog: Bambi: a Menace to the British Countryside A red [...]

10 invasive species causing problems in the UK

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Discover Wildlife has a feature on 10 invasive species "causing trouble" in the UK.  Most are the usual suspects: mink, grey squirrels, signal crayfish, etc.  Not all 'foreign' species are trouble-makers, of course – which [...]

Hooper’s hedgerow history hypothesis

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Max Hooper died back in February.  While you might not have heard of the man, you might just have heard of Hooper’s Rule.  This is the idea that there was a relationship between the number of different [...]

The Green Schools Project

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Today's featured blog is that of the Green Schools Project. You can see a short video here which explains what Green Schools is about.  There is a lot of emphasis on employment, green skills and [...]

A round up from Natural England

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This link will take you to a round up by Natural England of research relating to outdoor learning.  Specifically, it is "a round up of recent and relevant evidence and reports, policy agenda developments, large scale [...]

The false laws of physics

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Old economics is based on false ‘laws of physics’, but new economics can save us, says Kate Haworth in a recent Guardian article that begins: "Things are not going well in the world’s richest economies.  Most OECD [...]

Learning for Sustainability in Uzbekistan

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This morning's guest blog is by Quinn Runkle and Steve Martin. A recent vibrantly colourful book about Uzbekistan, called 10 Reasons to visit Uzbekistan, begins thus: “A Trip to Uzbekistan is a trip to magnificent Samarkand, [...]

Learning Away for All

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Learning Away consortium member, Louise Edwards, who is chair of the Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres (AHOEC), will be taking a motion to National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) annual conference this week.  [...]

30 years of New Zealand’s Department of Conservation

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Thirty years ago, the New Zealand Department of Conservation [DOC] was created.  It was a national declaration that the country valued its nature and wild places, and that it was committed to protecting it for future generations. A [...]