Pete Cooper Wildlife

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Pete Cooper is a 23 year old naturalist who's been "obsessed with wildlife since childhood and now heading out into a career in wildlife conservation."  His key specialist areas and interests are in mammal and herptofauna ecology, [...]

Natural History Wanderings

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Natural History Wanderings is a US blog created by Sandy Steinman to share natural history explorations, especially wildflower travels and photos.   The main emphasis is to share experiences.  Recent posts include: California’s Forests Continue To Die After [...]

Nature’s Web of Life

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This is a link to the Nature's Web of Life blog.  There are posts on: CONSERVATION ISSUES – for example, What Is Our Excuse ??? Conservation Ethics - Guiding A Reluctant Human Race There Is No Reason [...]

Rain Theory and Fact

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Recently, Houston's Cedar Bayou suburb had 52 inches of rain in less that a week, courtesy of Tropical Storm Harvey; a new record for the US mainland.  Meanwhile, a hemisphere away, and much less reported, more than 1,000 [...]

Teaching for a better world

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Here is a link to David Hick's blog – Teaching for a Better World: learning for sustainability, and this is the link to his latest posting on sustainable schools.  This begins: A sustainable future The notion [...]

Varied, Valuable but Vulnerable

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For several years in newsletters and other publicity our local Cumbria association has used the strapline: Varied, valuable but vulnerable. So much change is underway both nationally and locally at the moment with many important decisions [...]

What Sir David said in Edinburgh

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Here are a few of the remarks that Sir David Attenborough made at the Edinburgh International Television Festival yesterday. "I spend a lot of time wringing my hands and saying how dreadful it is that this [...]

Nothing exists in isolation

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A Web of Life blog on our interconnectivity by William Graham begins like this: Nothing exists solely on its own. From the most minuscule atomic particle to the grandest galaxies, the past, the present, and the [...]

What’s your footprint?

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Conservation International is giving you the chance to calculate and then offset your carbon footprint.  The details are here. It also gives you the chance to miss out the calculation part and just offset your [...]