A crisis in US environmental policy?

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The problems that our sister organisation in North America [NAAEE] is having over its funding have now become clearer.  You can see the detail of the difficulties here, and this quote from NAAEE's recent message to [...]

What UNESCO is up to

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Do you get the ESD ZOOM newsletters from UNESCO?  These are essential reading if you want to keep up with ESD, the GAP, etc round the world.  Here is a link to the most recent one in January. [...]

Natural England’s latest round up

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Here's a link to Natural England's latest round up of recent and relevant evidence and reports, policy agenda developments, large scale initiatives, resources and news items.  This supports the Strategic Research Groups for Learning in Natural [...]

Towards a resilient planet

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This is the executive summary of the 2016 Living Planet report from WWF.  It's gloomy stuff, but essential reading if we are to face the future with any hope. CHARTING OUR COURSE TOWARD A RESILIENT [...]

New Zealand river granted human legal rights

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The Guardian reports that, after 140 years of negotiation, a Māori tribe has won recognition that the Whanganui river must be treated as a living entity.  A tribal spokesperson said that the new law honoured and reflected [...]

A different view of the SDGs

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This is a link to a Groundswell International blog on how agroecology supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are the primary international framework for galvanizing action toward eliminating poverty in all its forms by 2030. Agroecology incorporates [...]

Should we be preparing for less comfort?

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Here's a post from Ronald Rovers from last autumn.  It's about carbon budgets and begins:. Imagine what you would do, if by tomorrow you were allowed only half the CO2 budget you spend normally, including [...]

Food for Life policy round up

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The Soil Association's Food for Life initiative has published a policy update.  It's here. We noted these: Food Research Collaboration submission to inquiry into Brexit, food and farming This paper, drawn up by the Food [...]

Long Eaton’s annual Eco Day

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Today's blog comes from Lynn Reeve, Long Eaton School's Eco-School Coordinator Every year we try and think of new, engaging activities for the students.  Some of the highlights this year have been the Pestaurant and the mini [...]