Outdoor maths

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Juliet Robertson has a new Circle of Life Rediscovery blog post about outdoor maths: "6 ideas for using syringes in a mathematical way outside". This begins: "I’ve always used syringes for water play, mark making, as [...]

The state of environmental education in secondary schools in England

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A two-part report exploring the state of environmental education in secondary schools in England has been published.   The project was: Understanding Environmental Education in Secondary Schools. Where is it, what is it and what [...]

An NUS survey for schools

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Every year, for the last eight years, NUS has surveyed over 60,000 HE/FE students on their views on sustainability, which shows clearly that students want to learn more about it, and expect their institutions to do more to bring this [...]

One simple thing

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Here's a link to the OneSimpleThing, blog for the naturally curious, dedicated to all things to do with sustainability.  This, the homepage says provides everything you need to help you make informed choices, and live lives full of passion and purpose. The section [...]

National Get Outside Day

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Sunday [Sept 30th] is National GetOutside Day which is an idea hatched by the Ordnance Survey with the aim is to get a million UK people outdoors to have a good time – and maybe even to learn something valuable – even [...]

EER Bulletin 11

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Environmental Education Research Bulletin 11 has been published.   This synthesizes and summarizes research from journals on issues pertaining to environmental educators.  The following caught our eye: Scientific Citizenship: Understanding student knowledge, motivations, and beliefs Vesterinen, V. [...]

Green Schools Blog

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The Green Schools Project [GSP] was set up to enable young people to get involved with environmental projects.  The idea is that schools should be setting a good example, educating students about how to live in [...]

Is a beautiful tomorrow really in the hands of today’s youth?

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So says the Worldwatch Institute.  Along with thousands of others, no doubt, NAEE received the following message (and request) from the Institute: Hello, The world has a crisis of monumental proportions: the modern societies that we love [...]

More blogs from the Children and Nature Network

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Here are links to a couple of recent Children and Nature Network blogs WRITING FROM A TREE: On the Inspiration of Nature Virginia Bee Ward is a 13-year-old poet and author who lives on a [...]