Handprinting the Earth

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The idea of an environmental handprint is the positive side of the environmental footprint.  For example: Handprint is positive action, commitment, measurement; it also means connecting – joining hands and a symbol of care. Environmental [...]

Time for Out of Classroom Learning

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NAEE's recent featured book was a report by the social change consultancy, NotDeadFish: Work on the Wild Side.  You can download it here.  The report "attempts to debunk the myth that outdoor learning and residentials are not viable [...]

A child’s right to nature

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Today's blog takes us to the Children and Nature Network where you will find the following posts (and more): A CHILD’S RIGHT TO NATURE: Why the City of Austin Created a Children’s Outdoor Bill of [...]

Arkive and Homework

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When grandchildren visit, their homework in tow, it’s essential to get involved.  This is not so much to contribute the wisdom of venerability, as an extra pair of hands.  The latest task was to write [...]

The contribution of fieldwork to geography education

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Today's blog is by Alan Kinder, Chief Executive of The Geographical Association The contribution of fieldwork to geography education In geography education, fieldwork is regarded by the Government, most parents, and the overwhelming majority of subject [...]

The 10 Tree Charter Principles

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As we noted recently, the Woodland Trust is leading a call for a Charter for Trees, Woods and People (the charter project) with more than 70 organisations taking part.  The details are here. The 10 principles [...]

Wider learning and connected experience

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Today's blog is by Sheila Gundry, Resource Future's Education Manager. Wider learning and connected experience Learning Outside the Classroom Day (18 May) is a lovely reminder of the great strides made across the country to encourage [...]

Natural England reports outdoor learning research

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Here's a selection from a round up of recent evidence and reports, policy agenda developments, large scale delivery sector initiatives, resources and news items issued by the partnership of Natural England with The Council for Learning Outside [...]

Education and Global Goals

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Today's blog is by Clive Belgeonne, Education Adviser at DECSY (Development Education Centre, South Yorkshire), one of the National Leaders (North) of the Global Learning Programme (England), and Course Leader of PG Citizenship Education at Sheffield [...]