Save the Planet from Plastic

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The Rotary / NAEE Heart of England Save the planet from plastic schools competition ended with an extensive exhibition that was launched by the Lord Mayor of Coventry, Councillor Linda Bingham, and the Rotary Heart of England District Governor, Saroj [...]

Keeping Northern Ireland Beautiful

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Today's bog is by Ian Humphreys, CEO of Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful. For decades Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful has been championing the often disparaged subject of litter.  But now, through research and TV shows such [...]

Environmental education meeting with David Drew MP

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Today's blog is an extract from the Oakridge Parochial School Allotment blog From the Ground.  This is an account of a visit to the Stroud school by David Drew MP, the Shadow Minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.  It's [...]

A balanced brain

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In a recent Circle of Life Rediscovery blog, Jon Cree asks in the context of challenging behaviour: How does the outdoors promote a balanced brain?  This is how the blog begins: Challenging Behaviour – how does the outdoors promote [...]

Art and Climate Change

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Kate Parker writes in the TES about how primary schools have worked with the Eden Project on an art project to bring climate change to life.   This is how the article begins: The art project opening pupils’ [...]

Costing the Earth

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The following data are taken from a presentation made by Alan Reid, editor of Environmental Education Research, in April. A Nature Conservancy enquiry report, presented at the 1965 Keele Conference, stated that funds being spent on research into the education [...]

Is Learning for Turning?

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As we noted a couple of weeks ago, Stephen Sterling has a new website, and on this you'll find his new blog.  We draw this to your attention because we think it will be something [...]

Ofsted’s new inspection framework

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Along with others interested in environment and sustainability, NAEE responded to Ofsted's call for comments on its draft Inspection Framework.  This was our response, and others can be seen here. Ofsted says: "The proposals generated [...]

Strategic Research Network for Learning in Natural Environments

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This post sets out further links to the most recent evidence and reports, policy agenda developments, large scale delivery sector initiatives, resources and news items.  This supports the Strategic Research Network for Learning in Natural [...]