Entomology as a Gateway to Appreciating Environmental Education

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Today's Blog is contributed by Diane Vukotic who is an outdoor enthusiast who encourages parents to take their children camping to reconnect with nature, learn respect for wildlife, and develop self-esteem.  She blogs at and you [...]

Do We Know What We Are Doing?

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Rolf Jucker has a new book: Do We Know What We Are Doing? Reflections on Learning, Knowledge, Economics, Community and Sustainability We were particularly taken by the title of Chapter 4: ESD is Environmental Education [...]

The UK’s 25-year environment plan

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There was a meeting last week at Defra about the UK's 25-year environment plan.  This was not actually about the plan, or about the environment; rather, it was about that most muddled of ideas, outdoor learning. In [...]

Remembrance Day for lost species

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Not everyone is likely to think that a Remembrance Day for lost species is a good idea. But if you do, it's on November 30th, and more details are here.  Maybe there's an event near [...]

Looking for a new president

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NAEE is looking for a new president after Bill Scott, our most recent one, changed roles within the Association to be Chair of the Board of Trustees. We're looking for an experienced UK environmental education practitioner and [...]

A new constitution for NAEE

By | November 16th, 2016|Categories: Blog|

Today's blog is by Bill Scott, the Chair of the Trustee Board for the new NAEE.  In what follows, Bill explains the background to the changes that have taken place and some of the detail [...]

Unhealthy days out

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The Soil Association spent the summer sending teams of undercover ‘secret diner’ families to review children's food offerings at our favourite theme parks, museums, art galleries and zoos. As we all already knew, it's mostly bad news.  The [...]

A Living Planet needs Environmental Educators

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As we have already noted, WWF produced its Living Planet Index last week. The summary report ends: "The facts and figures in the Living Planet Report tend to paint a challenging picture, yet there is still plenty [...]

Living Planet report

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WWF has launched its Living Planet Report for 2016.  This global report is produced every two years, and is a comprehensive study of trends in species populations and the health of the planet. It aims to support [...]