News from Natural England and elsewhere

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1. These are links c/o Natural England of recent research about the natural environment and health. Links between natural environments and physical activity: evidence briefing EIN020 - Links between natural environments and physiological health: evidence briefing [...]

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Today's featured blog is which you will find here. Recent posts include: Assessing Your Garden Soil: Providing an Optimum Chance for Good Plant Growth December 30, 2016 Backyard Herbs that Stretch Your Budget, Look [...]

Jeff Ollerton’s Biodiversity Blog

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Today's blog is a link to Jeff Ollerton's Biodiversity Blog which does what it says.  Jeff's post is a seasonal one about holly and mistletoe.  It begins: "Each year I’ve always added at least one Christmas-themed biodiversity post to [...]

Children, screens, the outdoors and health

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On Christmas Day, the Guardian published a letter with the heading: Screen-based lifestyle harms children’s health It came from a long list of the respectable and the renown.  You will be impressed by the list [...]

ESD and quality education – no proof of a connection

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The Journal of Education for Sustainable Development has recently published: Contributions of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) to Quality Education: A Synthesis of Research This idea of 'quality education' is all the vogue these days, [...]

Happy Christmas from everyone at NAEE

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And good wishes for a Happy New Year and a successful 2017. We'll be back in the New Year with more stories, features, reviews and blogs. Until then, ...  

Bretforton First School’s Peace Garden

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"We learned how to work together to look after the plants and the wildlife." "We hope the garden will increase the wildlife population now we have improved their habitats.” So said a 6-year-old, and 10-year-old, [...]

Brexit and GM 

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What does the future hold for GM after the UK leaves the EU? Farming Minister George Eustace is discussing new rules for GM crops after Brexit, and while some believe this will free the UK [...]

Data on our use of the natural environment

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The Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment (MENE) survey (from Natural England) provides data that show the ways that people engage with the natural environment such as visiting the countryside, enjoying green spaces in towns and [...]