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January 22 to 26 round-up

By | January 22nd, 2018|Webwatch|

NAEE's new curriculum review will be published this week.  This focuses on secondary education and will complement our primary review that was published in 2016.  Look out for it.   The annual Rex Walford Memorial Lecture, which is aimed at trainee teachers and NQTs, will be given by Jane Ferretti, former PGDE Lead at the [...]

Reaction to the 25 Year Plan

By | January 19th, 2018|Webwatch|

We've been covering the government's 25 year plan for the environment this week with a couple of blogs by NAEE trustees Justin Dillon and Morgan Phillips.  Here is a sample of other views out there: RSPB – Martin Harper – Good news for a Thursday "If, like me, you believe that politics can change things for the [...]

More on the 25 Year Environment Plan

By | January 18th, 2018|Blog|

The government launched its 25 Year Environment Plan last week, and we heard the views of NAEE's President, Prof Justin Dillon about it on Tuesday.  Today, we hear from NAEE Trustee Dr Morgan Phillips.  What follows is a shortened version of what appears on Morgan's website. Last week, DEFRA launched their long-awaited environment plan: ‘A Green Future: [...]

World Heritage and sustainable development

By | January 17th, 2018|Environmental Education Feature|

Heritage was long absent from the mainstream sustainable development debate, despite its crucial importance to societies and the wide acknowledgment of its great potential to contribute to social, economic and environmental goals.  Based on a strong appeal from national and local stakeholders, the 2030 Agenda adopted by the UN General Assembly integrates, for the first [...]

The GA Conference

By | January 17th, 2018|Webwatch|

The 2018 GA conference takes place at Sheffield Hallam University from Thursday April 5th to Saturday April 7th.  There will be over a hundred sessions including workshops, lectures, field visits, 'teacher-to-teacher' sessions, and debates. The programme is summarised here: Thursday programme at a glance Friday programme at a glance Saturday programme at a glance Full Programme The Conference [...]

The 25 Year Environment Plan: Green future or green wash?

By | January 16th, 2018|Blog|

Last week, the government launched its 25 Year Environment Plan, and we intend to cover this important event with a number of posts in the coming weeks.  We begin, appropriately, with the views of NAEE's President, Prof Justin Dillon of the University of Exeter. The long-awaited 25-year Environment Plan was launched on January 11 delivering on a [...]

Don’t even think about it

By | January 15th, 2018|Book Review|

It was the enticing title to George Martin's book:  Don’t even think about it: why our brains are wired to ignore climate change that persuaded me to order the book from our library. There was just one copy in the whole of Cumbria, so it wasn’t high in the popularity charts, which is just the [...]

Monday Round-up – January 15 to 19

By | January 15th, 2018|Webwatch|

NAAEE says that it's not too early to plan a trip to Spokane to attend the NAAEE 2018 conference.  The research Research Symposium is from October 9 to 10 – the pre-Conference Field Trips and Workshops are on October 10 – and  the Conference proper is from October 10 to 13. The government has published its 25 Year Plan to [...]

Science for Environmental Educators

By | January 12th, 2018|Webwatch|

ASE's Midlands Conference is on Saturday 3rd March [9:00 to 12:45] at Derby University in the Kirtley Building, Kedleston Rd, Derby, DE22 1GB.  There will be a session on Practical approaches in Environmental Education by Lee Jowett who is Environmental Education Coordinator at Leicester City Council. ASE says: Lee will show you opportunities to use resources and activities which support [...]

EO Wilson and the needs of the Earth

By | January 11th, 2018|Blog|

The Centre for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy [CASSE] issued a blog by Brian Czech on January 8th that featured the latest project from EO Wilson: Nature Needs Half.  The blog starts: WE NEED NATURE.     NATURE NEEDS HALF.     ERGO, WE NEED NATURE TO GET HALF. Half of what?  The planet.  That’s the essence of E.O. [...]