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FEN conference update

By | February 17th, 2017|Webwatch|

Here is more detail on the Forest Education Network conference on March 23rd.  FEN says: The Forest Education Network (FEN) invites everyone with an interest in forest education to this special CPD event at FSC Bishops Wood Centre on Thursday 23rd March 2017.  Forestry is the growing and management of trees for wildlife, people and the economy; [...]

A tree is not just for Christmas

By | February 16th, 2017|Blog|

Here's Dutch blogger Ronald Rovers reflecting on our use of Christmas trees and the issue of what's best: 'real' or artificial ones – or artificial real ones.  It's complex enough to write this, but much more so when you get into the issues, as RR does.  Here's the link. We'll be featuring more from Ronald's blog [...]

Ashden’s LESS CO₂ Programme

By | February 16th, 2017|Webwatch|

Ashden says that its LESS CO₂ Programme is helping to create more sustainable schools – and galvanising young people to join the movement for a low-carbon world. The programme was established in 2010 in response to requests from schools for practical, hands-on support to help them make the changes they need to reduce their energy [...]

The latest from RCE Severn

By | February 15th, 2017|Webwatch|

An exciting new university project linked to the Photography course, engaging students, staff and the community. This is an exploratory, reflective journey of understanding the movement of people and its impacts on society, through discussion and photography. More information here.  The course leader and students are looking for community organisations and community members interested and willing [...]

Think Global Fairtrade activities

By | February 15th, 2017|Webwatch|

Think Global has a range of activities planned for its Fairtrade Fortnight Speakers’ Tour, including visits to schools, universities, and engaging with local social enterprises. Sharing Experiences of Fairtrade – Monday 27th February 6-8pm, Think Global, London Fairtrade under Fire – Thursday 2nd March 6.30-9.30pm, Brighthelm Centre, Brighton Lamis Zamzam and Bassema Barahmeh (above) are producers from Zaytoun, a community interest [...]

US Environmental Education update

By | February 15th, 2017|Webwatch|

Click here to read the latest from the United States in NAAEE's monthly update. You'll find lots of positive stories, including ... The Benefits of Environmental Education for K–12 Students NAAEE, Stanford University, and other respected organizations are partnering to demonstrate the impact and value of EE through eeWORKS. Find out what the literature says regarding [...]

Let’s hear it for the dingo

By | February 14th, 2017|Webwatch|

Arkive has nominated the dingo as this year's Valentine's day unloved species.  Here's the link.

FACE national curriculum consultation

By | February 14th, 2017|Webwatch|

FACE is running a consultation to develop a Food and Farming Curriculum and would love it if you could spend a few minutes responding.  FACE says: The national curriculum is full of opportunities to learn about food, farming and the countryside; but the reality is that educators do not make as much use of the [...]

The implications of a valentine rose from Kenya

By | February 14th, 2017|Webwatch|

Click here for the latest from the GA. It includes details of a free training package in critical thinking which gives primary and secondary teachers of geography or history the knowledge and approaches they need to effectively integrate the teaching of core skills in their classrooms.  And, topically, there's an article about the implications of buying [...]

World Heritage and Tourism in a Changing Climate

By | February 13th, 2017|Webwatch|

Here's a link to a UNESCO report on World Heritage and Tourism in a Changing Climate.  It begins: From Venice and its Lagoon to the Galápagos Islands, some of the world’s most iconic World Heritage sites are vulnerable to climate change.  In this new analysis, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and the Union [...]